About Us

Poole & Poole’s Philosophy…

Poole & Poole values determine everything we do, from the way we treat our smallest supplier to our focus on projects that make a positive impact.
At the heart is a simple belief that profitable business, ethics and sustainability aren’t mutually exclusive. We work with people whose vision extends beyond profit at all costs. Because we’re passionate about the contribution our work can make, we consistently go beyond the brief to innovate and add real value for our clients.
Our mission is to work with progressive organisations – developing innovative approaches and beautiful designs for projects that drive positive social/environmental outcomes.

Design ethics…

We strive to deliver a standard that is world class and without compromise.
Our aim is to put beautiful communication pieces out into the world and consistently achieve lasting results for our clients.
We always design a unique solution for our clients unless otherwise agreed or requested.
We won’t do significant speculative design work for pitches without remuneration.

Client happiness…

We don’t sell ‘off the shelf’ solutions. We pursue and nurture partnerships, and the first approach to a new client is collaboration – to determine goals and the best way to meet them. We have a simple approach:
research before we meet

  • listen to our clients at first meeting
  • learn about their business, goals and needs
  • be mindful of budget and other constraints
  • collaborate to explore solutions
  • propose the best solution available.

Once we commence a project we maintain a good relationship by:
open communication throughout the project

  • discussing question or concerns to ensure clients understand what we do and why
  • defined project processes to ensure client sign off on each stage of development
  • an invoicing system that bills for satisfactory completion of milestones.