Email Marketing


Email marketing allows businesses – large and small – to enjoy regular contact with customers and prospects who they wouldn’t otherwise have the time to reach individually. Keep in the fronts of minds of the people you need to influence.

Email marketing is within reach of even the smallest marketing budget and costs less than the price of a stamp!

We take care of all aspects of delivery which means your time is free to spend on your core activities. We’ll tell you what people did with your email. Not just how many people opened it – but who opened it, what they clicked on, and what they read. This valuable information is used to build user profiles based on your contact’s interests. Next time you can deliver them exactly what they have shown to be interested in. Smart marketing.


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Like standard newsletters, e-newsletters provide an ideal platform for spreading the word.

Whether you want to increase brand awareness, promote new product offerings, offer advice on industry developments or invite people to forthcoming events; e-newsletters are a perfect method of broadcast.

However, unlike standard newsletters, e-newsletters also provide the perfect method for listening and responding to the opinions of clients and prospects alike.

Done properly, e-newsletters take the guesswork out of company communications enabling you to understand which articles were read, when they were read and by whom. You learn which subjects are of interest to your clients and which are not. Furthermore the tracking functionality helps you identify your readers’ key interest areas allowing you to ensure future mailings are relevant to them.