You’re standing at a trade show, at a conference or making a sales call on a prospective client…

…having some literature to leave behind is still an essential part of making the right impression. As quickly as technology has eliminated many old ways of doing business, the value of brochures, well-designed folders, fitted inserts, display boards and flyers hasn’t flagged in the least.

Through our focus on compelling and persuasive graphic design, we can vouch for the staying power of print media.

We have over 30 years of experience in the print business to call on, we’ve owned printing companies and got our hands dirty on the shop floor, we know printers – we speak their language.

This means we ‘design for print’ avoiding nasty (and expensive) mistakes further down the line.

We work closely with every client, ensuring that we create print material that will not only make a powerful impression today, but for years to come. Capturing the essence of your company and focusing on the elements of your business that you are confident will never change. We let this serve as the backbone of your print materials to ensure longevity. Then, through creative folder designs that allow for more affordable inserts, we allow you to update your brochure information as inevitable changes occur and different needs arise. Contact Poole & Poole today for full-service solutions with your print media needs.